Would you prefer a real diamond or a fake diamond?

Real, of course. Similarly, your body wants real sunshine not over-the-counter supplements!

It can be difficult to obtain enough natural sunlight, and many people use supplements to increase their vitamin D levels. But it’s not easy to increase your vitamin D levels into the healthy range of 30 ng/mL through supplementation alone. Also, it’s impossible to become intoxicated from vitamin D from sun exposure as sunlight destroys excess vitamin D.

Getting vitamin D from the sun is the best method as sunlight provides vitamin D and additional photo-products that you cannot get from dietary sources are supplements. Vitamin D made in the skin lasts twice as long as vitamin D in the blood ingested from food.

So why do we all wear sunscreen? How did we get to a point in our our culture where we believe exposure to sunlight needs to be protected with sunscreen at all times? The answer is simple: companies can earn billions of dollars by emphasizing a major medical downside of sun exposure, nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Sure, one should be careful not to get sunburned, but one should not be fearful of sunlight or deprive themselves from obtaining natural sunlight. People should control their sun exposure in the same way that they would watch how much sugar or fat they eat. There is a sensible amount of sun exposure that is extremely important for your health. Unfortunately, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies have instilled scare tactics that have been supported by dermatologists which frighten people about the likelihood of developing skin cancer if one does not wear sunscreen.

Nonmelanoma skin cancer can occur when people experience long-term sun exposure and obtain many sunburns. However, there are many diseases that can be prevented by regular sun exposure. Many Americans died prematurely each year because of insufficient UV exposure.

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