How Your Morning Commute Affects Your Mood – and How to Improve Both!

Routines are comforting, but are you willing to challenge yourself and give your life a boost!? Find your GladSpace – the place where you feel happy and content with the world – during your morning commute with this easy task: As you are walking or driving during your morning commute, take a look around and try to identify the natural origin of objects you see. From what materials are the buildings made? From where did your leather chair come? From what materials are backpacks created? From where does the food come that you are consuming?

If we are more aware of the origins (and subsequent travels, technologies, and global impact) of items in our daily lives, then we become more strategic about our purchases and more sensitive about how our actions affect the natural world. We cannot afford to be ignorant or turn a blind eye to environmental degradation. Nature is real and it affects you as much as you affect it – even if you are unaware.

Take the time during your morning commute to verbalize (internally if you’re on a bike; externally if you’re driving; or in a journal if you’re on a train) what you see outside in the natural environment. For example, “I see a beautiful skyline with colors of yellow and orange. It’s early and the air feels cool and refreshing. I enjoy seeing the mist over the ocean during these early hours in the morning. The brick building has a date from the 1800’s – do I know the history of this building? What was this area of the city used for back then?” Let your mind wander to whatever piques your curiosity and be thankful for the natural world around you – its beauty, its history, its personality. Talk to yourself and be observant – this requires your mental attention and it doesn’t let your mind wander off to mundane tasks you’re about to complete at the office, or what you’re going to say to your co-worker over lunch today, or whether you remembered all of your gym gear for after work.

Talk to yourself about what you see – buildings, vehicles, signs, plants, birds; and about what you feel – dew drops in the morning air, a cool breeze from the river, the rubber grips on your bicycle, the feeling of productivity and alertness on your run. Cultivating a deeper awareness on your present surroundings and emotions improves your mood; it’s almost like meditating where the purpose is to stay present in the moment and be grateful for things in your life. Simply looking isn’t enough – if you just stare out the window of the Metro as you sleepily let your mind wander or go blank is a waste of time when compared with the benefits of consciously absorbing your surroundings and making verbal (or written or internal) comments about the reasons for buildings or the way nature makes you feel. Staying present prevents the mind from wandering; this is a hugely important skill that takes time and effort to perfect. And what better time to take small, easy steps to improve your happiness, ability to focus, ability to stay in the present moment, than during your morning commute? It’s lazy and easy to hop on modern transportation and just let the time pass you by – but do you really want to let life pass you by when you could be engaging with it? When you could be making yourself happier by just talking to yourself about what you see? Give it a shot, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to what a little self-monologue can do for your mood and for your ability to be present.

It’s the little daily rituals that give us the most chance for change. The more we shift our internal monologue to language that serves a better life, the better our lives become. Affirmations give your subconscious mind something to work on in the moment. If we do affirmations to create good in our lives but there’s a part of us that doesn’t believe it, we are going to manifest those affirmations. We must become aware of what we believe about ourselves. By doing so we can change those believes that aren’t serving us. Life is simple. We create our experiences by thinking and feeling patterns. What we believe about ourselves and about life becomes true for us.
– Louise Hay, Heart Thoughts

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