Chemical fertilizers are no substitute for natural compost!

Chemicals me supply nutrients in quick release form that promote quick growth for plants, but chemical fertilizers do not have the long-term benefits of compost.

Living soil and living plants need more than a few isolated chemicals to for fill their infinitely complex biological processes. Using chemical fertilizers fails to fully nourish soil and plants.

Chemical fertilizers depend on the use of depleted, and continually depleting, energy reserves. Renewable energy supplies are decreasing at a drastic rate, and the availability of these nonrenewable resources becomes increasingly tied to Geo political issues. Eventually farmers and gardeners will find energy intensive chemical fertilizers extremely costly.

When people apply chemical fertilizers, they often apply to much. These chemicals, unlike the major constituents of compost, are immediately soluble and can easily leech out during a rain polluting bodies of water that can eventually lead to the biological death of these streams, rivers, and lakes. Many communities are still discovering hazardous nitrate contamination of wells due to fertilizer runoff. About 35% of chemical nitrogen and 15 to 20% of phosphorus and potassium that are applied to soil via chemical fertilizer is wasted and infects other natural resources.

Chemical fertilizer advertisements emphasize quick growth and large vegetable size, not vegetable texture, flavor, or permanent advantages to the soil structure that compost offers.

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