25-vitamin D

The major circulating form of vitamin D is called 25-vitamin D. 25-vitamin D is fat soluble, so your body can store up vitamin D and release it into your body as needed during the winter months. So get outside today to soak up the sun so you will have a sufficient amount of vitamin D during the winter months!

Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiviral properties, and it plays an important role in posting our immune system and in reinforcing our body’s natural defense systems. Vitamin D also eat in proper mental health and emotional regulation.

Tooth decay’s, cavities, and periodontal disease are linked to low levels of 25-vitamin D.

There are dangers of too much sun. But just like anything, it is important to moderate your intake of things that are good for you or else at me become damaging. To say that UV radiation is carcinogenic is confusing because it is OVER exposure of UV radiation that is problematic. Too much of anything can become a problem. Do not avoid the sun for fear of developing skin cancer, because the benefits of obtaining vitamin D from the sun light are essential and scientifically proven.

Adequate levels of vitamin D can improve fertility, safeguard pregnancies, reduce inflammation, help with weight control, protect against infectious diseases, prevent strokes and dementia, increase immune system, improve memory, and help strengthen muscles. And guess what, it’s completely free to soak up the benefits of sunlight!

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